4 Functional Tips to Improve the Security and Safety of Commercial Businesses

Installing business security systems are a great way to help monitor the safety of your business and employees. This article provides you with four tips for keeping your business and staff safe.

Has someone has been entering your premises under false pretences and harassing your staff? Maybe you have noticed someone loitering around the front of your business just before closing, or perhaps someone has graffitied the exterior of your premises while you were out of hours. Unfortunately, these are all too common occurrences across Victoria.

In regards to local security, the Mornington Peninsula typically has a crime rate that is around 10% lower than the Victorian average per capita. However, this still amounts to around six-seven thousand incidents for every hundred thousand people.

Business Security and Safety

It is unrealistic to expect business owners to personally guard their businesses 24/7 and hiring security guards is overkill for a small business and likely too expensive. However, you still need some protection for peace of mind. Our businesses are often our sole source of income and breaks-ins or violence against our staff is something that could threaten our livelihoods and safety. Consider one of the following to improve security in your business. 

Installing a Security Alarm

Security alarm systems for businesses are a great way to deter potential break-ins and alert you when someone has entered your premises unannounced. Alarms not only serve to notify you of break-ins, but would-be criminals who see that you have a functioning alarm system are statistically less likely to attempt an invasion of that building. If the intruder decides that they should still risk it and trigger the alarm, you can be promptly notified of the intrusion which gives you the power to take decisive action.

There are a few different types of electronic security alarms. These include:

Movement detectors

These typically react to changes in heat or movement using infrared, ultrasonic or microwave technology to alert you of a potential incoming perpetrator.

Magnetic reed switches

These are triggered by the breaking of a circuit that is controlled by an applied magnetic field. This may occur when opening a door for example.

Duress or panic alarms

Commonly these are a hidden button that staff can press when to get help when they feel unsafe. However, other options are available.

If you aren’t sure which alarm system to install in your business, please contact our security professionals (link to contact us page) today.

Installing CCTV Cameras

Commercial CCTV installation and monitoring (link to monitoring page) work synchronously with security alarm systems for businesses. The alarm alone is great for deterring break-ins and alerting you of potential invasions. However, they may also alert the criminal potentially giving them a chance to escape.

CCTV systems provide a similar level of deterrence but can also provide you with visual evidence of the unfolding crime. Technology now enables CCTV to be streamed live via smartphones meaning that you can monitor your business from afar.

Beyond deterrence and monitoring, it means that even if the perpetrator can escape you will have video evidence making it far likelier that you can track them down following the incident.

CCTV systems enable you to reduce the number of false alarm callouts to police, as you can see what is triggering the alarm. Overall, this increases police response time to serious incidents as they are not wasting resources on false callouts. Learn more about 10 benefits of investing in CCTV

Installing an Intercom

Installing an intercom (link to intercom page) in your business adds a level of security for your team and yourself as you can screen who is coming into the building. Imagine that you have had complaints from your staff that someone of unsavoury character has been loitering around your business. Sometimes these unwanted visitors even enter the premises and act uncouth toward your staff and clients.

Not only is this bad for business it is unsafe for your employees.

Connecting an intercom for your Mornington Peninsula business grants some level of discrimination as to who can enter your building. This can limit the chance of assault to your staff or fiscal harm in the form of robbery.

Servicing your Existing Security System

You may already have had a security system installed several years ago, but due to constant improvements in technology, this system may now be outdated and not providing you with the same level of safety that it once did. You must regularly perform services on your business security systems to ensure that they will work in the event of a break-in.

This includes checking the wiring for corrosion and that the alarm is still functioning adequately. Servicing may also include updating your current security system to something more modern. The security industry is constantly evolving as criminals become savvier it is important to stay ahead of them.

Hopefully, these handy hints have given you some insightful ways to protect your staff and business from injustices. As technology and manufacturing improve there is a corresponding reduction in price. You can even purchase quality commercial security systems on the Mornington Peninsula for less than you once did.

If you are interested in receiving a quote for Mornington Peninsula Commercial security, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 1800 883 917. Our qualified and licensed team can help you with any of your security enquiries today.