How do I choose the best alarm system for my home? (A definitive guide)

Choosing the best alarm system for your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Many homeowners often think about the security of their possessions, homes, and families, but with so many security options available it can be difficult to decide which product to select. Although there are a range of products and brands available, they each have different functions and purposes. Follow our simple steps below to determine which alarm system will be best for your home.

Firstly, do you live in a house, unit or an apartment?

Should you live in a unit or apartment, you will likely have to begin by discussing your options with your landlord, neighbours or body corporate before installing a security system. There may be restrictions on the installation, size, noise and appearance of alarms and cameras. Disturbing noises like alarms can be prohibited in apartment living so you may have to opt for alternate security systems such as CCTV monitoring instead. If you feel safer knowing you have an alarm system but your body corporate won’t allow it, you could also choose to disable the alarm sound and instead enable mobile notifications.

If you live on a freestanding property, you have the ability to install alarms inside your residence. You can setup intruder alarm systems at your door entry points, windows, garage and even at skylights. Should you be concerned with possessions outside of your home such as a parked vehicle in the driveway, it would be advantageous to setup a CCTV system outside so you have a deterrent for potential criminals, and evidence should anything untoward occur.

Do you want to install wireless alarms?

A lot of the alarm products on the market now are wireless. Wireless alarm devices deliver ultimate flexibility in terms of installation, location and number of devices which can be linked up. It also makes it easier if you are renting, because you won’t need to remove any cabling when you move into your next property.

Should your home be under construction, with no locking mechanism, or you simply prefer the more traditional wired version, these are available as well.

Do you know what you are protecting?

Before deciding on the best alarm system for your home, you need to identify what it is that you would like to protect. This will help you determine the number of alarms you will require and the best location for the device(s).

Should you want to protect the entire property you will need to size up your floor space. The larger your home and the more entry points, the more equipment you will need.

Do you have children and pets at home? Alarms or motion detectors may not be the best form of security when you have children and pets that don’t always listen to instructions. You may like to instead consider CCTV so you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

Are you tech savvy or could you benefit from a professional security installer?

There are many alarm systems on the market which claim to be DIY. However, if you aren’t familiar with technology they can create a bigger headache for you when trying to setup sensors and systems. If you are installing more than one sensor or alarm, we recommend engaging a security specialist to assist you… Here are some reasons why:

An installation that takes a professional less than an hour may take you all day if you aren’t tech savvy.

A professional security installer will also provide guidance on choosing the best system for your individual needs, future-proofing, best installation locations and can also provide security monitoring or after sales support.

Having your alarm system installed professionally may cost a little extra to setup, but you can often save on equipment costs as the professionals get offered wholesale pricing. Also, when an alarm is setup by a licensed installer you can trust that the alarm system will work at optimal levels at all times, potentially saving you down the track.

Finally, alarms are usually installed up high for a birds-eye view. When deciding on a DIY installation, ensure you have the proper tools and safety equipment to complete the project. At ION Security, we have the right experience, training, tools and equipment to complete your alarm installation safely, as well as full insurance should something happen to go wrong.

Do you want to add security cameras or monitoring?

Some alarm systems will seamlessly integrate with security cameras, smoke detectors and other smart-home devices, while other basic alarms are stand alone. If you want your security system to be modular, you should choose a product that is future-proof and communicates effectively with other devices in your home. Some modular brands we often recommend include Hill, Bosch Security and Tecom.

If your property is used as a holiday house or you are often away from home, it may also be advantageous to select a model that can be used for remote alarm monitoring. Remote monitoring allows your alarm to communicate directly with your security company so they can effectively respond to your security intrusion on your behalf at any given time.

What is your budget?

Different alarm systems attract different price tags. It is important to remember the value of a working intrusion alarm system when protecting your home and your family. The return on investment can be paramount, and well worth dodging the headaches of an intrusion missed by a basic DIY alarm.

Still need help choosing the best alarm system for your home?

This guide provides plenty of helpful information to help you choose the best alarm system for your home. Should you be looking for professional advice for your home alarms and security on the Mornington Peninsula or surrounding regions, please contact the ION Security team on 1800 883 917. Our licensed security professionals can arrange an obligation free quote to help you protect your family today.