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Alarm and CCTV Monitoring

Security Alarm Monitoring

A security alarm monitoring service is an integral part of keeping your home or business secure 24/7. If you are often away from your business or holiday home, you may want to explore a security monitoring system to give you an added level of protection.

How does alarm monitoring work?

Our monitoring service provides quick communication from your alarm system to our 24/7 security control room, which notifies us to look for emergencies and activate an immediate safety response plan where required. This could include notifying yourself or the owner, engaging professional, licensed security services or even engaging emergency services such as the Police. We can also identify if the problem is a mishap such as an animal passing by, and therefore we would not need to engage any further.

Alarm monitoring works by connecting to your phone line or wireless network in order to send messages from the alarm control panel to our security response team. The control panel can be made up of different elements including alarms , sensors, CCTV and motion detectors. Alarm monitoring can work with a wide range of high-quality alarm systems such as Hills, Dahua, Bosch and many more. At ION Security we can switch on monitoring for the majority of high-quality alarm systems. Contact us today to find out if we can add a monitoring service to your existing alarm system.

There are a range of benefits in choosing a monitored alarm service, including:

  • It provides an added level of protection for your home or business any time of day or night because you know you have the support of the professionals
  • It is perfect for unoccupied homes or businesses as you do not need to be on-site or reachable in the event of a break in or emergency
  • Increased response times to emergencies
  • Increased chance of catching criminals
  • Added peace of mind
  • Enhanced system operation – experience less downtime due to fault notification monitoring
  • Reduce the cost of unnecessary emergency callouts

At ION Security we offer a range of residential and commercial security systems which can be monitored. With a range of monitoring solutions available, our security experts can help you select the best alarm monitoring solution for your safety needs and budget. If you would like to ensure your home or business is protected at all times, please contact us today.