Support | ION Security CCTV Mornington Peninsula


Download DMSS through the App Store or Google Play Store.

Download DMSS HD on iPad or Android tablet, it will work the same.

Open DMSS and select Australia as the region.

Click the plus icon in the top right corner and select SN/Scan.

Scan your code and click next.

Select DVR/XVR in the top right corner.

Add a device name and enter your password.

This will work on Apple devices and Android devices.

When view your camera system right click and go to search. This will bring up the footage menu. Click on one of the time stamps down the bottom of the screen, these will come up as yellow lines indicating motion has been detected . Once a time stamp has been selected you can scroll up and down with the mouse to zoom in to a specific time and see it more clearly. These methods will work on both black and blue interfaces.
Open up DMSS or DMSS HD on anyone of your mobile or tablet devices and click on the playback button. Once you have done that click on anyone of the plus icons and select the camera you want to view footage on. Towards the bottom of the screen there will be a date icon, click that to choose the date you are after and click motion so the app will pick up any footage with movement in it. To zoom into a specific time pinch your fingers to the screen over the time bar and push out, to zoom back in pinch your fingers in. This will work on Apple devices and Android devices.
Open DMSS or DMSS HD app and go to the three dots. Then go to device details. From there go to device configuration and this will bring up device settings and information. This will work on Apple and Android devices.